Poker players play poker. Poker rooms make money. Often lots of it. When you play online poker you don’t play against the house, you play against other people. So how do these poker rooms make their money? The answer is in ‘the rake’.

Rake is an old fashioned term that explains the in house method of raking off a portion of each pot. The table dealer would do this and would use a small rake to grab some cash leaving the rest to be played for. This is what happens these days online but in a rather more mathematical way. Each poker room has it’s own rules on how much is raked per pot. There are limits and the rules differ from room to room, and also by the kind of table you are playing at. Here’s a sample from a typical rake structure

  • Limit table with 6 players = $0.25 raked per pot for every $5 up to a maximum of $3
  • No limit table with 4 players = $0.05 raked per pot for every $1 up to a maximum of $2

Here you can see the amounts raked per pot are effectively the same but the incremental increases are smaller in no-limit, and thus more frequent. Also the more players at the table, the higher the maximums are.

Rake is also governed by the rakeback method employed to determine whether you qualify for a portion of the raked pot. There are two methods used by poker rooms – Dealt and Contributed.

The Dealt rakeback method takes the total rake for the pot and divides it the number of players dealt into the hand. So if the pot rake is $6.00 and 6 players are dealt in, each player will earn $1.00 for the hand.

The Contributed rakeback method divides it the total rake for the pot by those players that contributed to the pot. So if the pot rake is $6.00, 6 players are dealt in and 3 players contribute, each contributing player will earn $2.00 for the hand.

Some poker rooms also employ a third method, called Weighted Contributed. This is similar to the Contributed method but the amount you earn for the hand is weighted according to how much you contributed to the pot.

So we know how the rake is worked out and we know which rakeback method the poker room is using. The last two things to be aware of when you are searching for a rakeback deal is how the poker room treats bonuses and tournaments.

Some rooms will deduct bonus payments from your mgr before calculating your rakeback payment, others won’t. At a poker room where your bonuses are not deducted you are getting double for your money – rakeback and bonus. Play enough and this can be a very nice deal indeed.

Tournament play is in the main included in your rakeback calculation. Some poker rooms do not count tournament play towards your rakeback so be sure to check first if poker tournaments are a big part on your online gaming life.

All the relevant details about which poker rooms use which rakeback method, and whether they include bonuses and tournaments can be found on our rakeback deals page. If you are not sure just ask us.


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