The world series of poker

All poker enthusiasts consider WSOP the most awaited event and the greatest poker event of the year. It's the ultimate challenge. Gaining the title of World Champion in poker is actually the best achievement in the career of a poker player. WSOP is the biggest tournament of poker in the world, including online poker, and it is usually organized in Las Vegas.

This incredible event was first organized in 1970 and because it had a very big impact and had a huge popularity it has been held every year since then.

If we grabbed your attention, and you want to know more about WSOP, here you will have some general things you need to know about this event. These events can be organized by brick and mortar or online casinos. If you want to enter the tournament you must be over 21 years old. For entering the WSOP you have to post the required buy-in. But before we talk about this extraordinary event, you really must learn to play poker, your chances of winning will be a lot higher.

You should go over the rules more then once. In the WSOP there are being played these variations of poker: Hold'Em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Razz, Lowball and a few other. Knowing the rules of the game is crucial in this tournament.

If you do not understand how big this event is, you need to know that poker players come from all over the world to participate in this tournament. The majority of them started as amateurs, but in the last years many of them have won important prizes. And another strange phenomenon is that as years go by younger and younger players pick up the game of poker, a lot of twenty -years old players have won the tournaments in recent years.

The winner of WSOP receives a golden bracelet that is considered by poker players a lot more valuable then the prize itself. WSOP is actually a number of poker tournaments of different poker games.

If you want to enter WSOP and be the next World Champion of poker enter the tournament and try your luck and skills. You never know until you try. And to help you a little, here are some important poker tips:

  • Always choose the right game for you, for your skills and let’s not forget your pocket. Never jump into a game with high stakes just because earlier you won really easy. It’s a lot better to be the best player at an easy table than the other way around.

  • Never play poker if you are emotional. Let’s just say that if you do, it won’t be your best day. You must play poker when your mind is clear, you must be rational. In case you lose your control during a poker game, you are lost. So keep your shirt on at all times.

  • Always pay attention to the other players; observe them, even if you folded. You might catch their patterns, their reactions. Body language is also important in this game.

  • Don’t play all your hands; try sometimes to fold too.

  • You also need to understand that there are some differences between online poker and poker played in casinos. In casinos you might gamble against very skilled players, so you must be wise and think ahead every move you want to make.

  • Bluff only when bluffing is the best choice you have.

  • Never call if you cannot raise.

  • Learn to be a modest winner and do not forget to lose with honor. There is no need to scream out loud that you just won a hand. And don’t start throwing things around just because you lost a game; try to have fun.