The rake structure employed by a poker room varies from room to room or by the poker network that room is licensed to. In general the rake structure of a poker network determined the rules for each poker room on that network. Independent poker rooms, with their own software, will employ their own rake structure.

The rake structure of the poker room is the basic formula for how they make their money from poker play. For every hand that is played the poker room will take a small amount - the rake - and the amount depends on various criteria such as how many players are involved in the hand and the amount in the pot. Many online poker players (especially new ones) don't even know this happening as it is all automated, and unless you are paying close attention you won't even notice it.

A player's rakeback is calculated from the rake total by applying the percentage of the deal the player is on to the total amount of rake that the player has generated in the month. Details of how rakeback is calculated can be found on our rakeback deals page but before rakeback can be calculated the rake has to be determined. Listed below are the poker rooms and poker networks that we offer rakeback deals with and clicking the link will show the rake strucutre for that particular room.

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