Advice about Rakeback

DO YOU PLAY POKER ONLINE? If so, did you know that you can get money back for playing? The secret of how this is possible is called 'RakeBack' and if the term Rakeback is new to you then read on... have negotiated exclusive Rakeback deals with several of the major poker sites to enable us to pass some of the money that is made back to you....the players. We are affiliated to some of the biggest and most popular online poker sites who offer us exclusive Rakeback rebates. Sign up for a new poker account through today and you can earn Rakeback as you play. Rakeback is real money, paid to you monthly by a variety of methods, and you can access our members area to check on your Rakeback stats and use our member services.

Take your time to look round the site and find out how to get yourself the right deal. We can advise on many different Rakeback deals with the most popular sites on the web all designed to give you, the player, some of your own money back! You really can earn a nice sum every month if you play online poker regularly enough.


OUR ADVICE - there are now many many Rakeback sites to choose from, all offering a vast array of deals. Many sites blind you with figures and offer ridiculous incentives to get your business. Most of the sites offer similar percentages so it's more important that you receive the right care and attention. Our advice would be have a good look around and do your homework. Find a poker network that you enjoy playing on and then find yourself a Rakeback deal on that network, through an affiliate that you feel comfortable with. Whether you use ourselves or another affiliate, we wish you the best of luck at the tables, and one thing is for sure....